Metrics & proxy values

120 metrics, arranged in 5 different impact categories to help organisations measure and evidence the social value they generate. Updated yearly, with proxies from 2015-2023.

Aligned with government guidance

Fully aligned with UK Government's Social Value Model (PPN 06/20) and follows guidance from HM Treasury

Widely recognised and adopted

Used by some of the UK's largest and most prominent organisations, yet scalable and suitable for organisations of any size.

About the Impact Evaluation Standard (IES)

The IES sets out a common list of metrics, proxy values and guidance documentation to assist public and private sector organisations in estimating and understanding the social value they are generating.

It is, in essence, a common list of activities that organisations undertake which have a significant social, economic or environmental impact on their communities. The standard provides guidance on how to value and assess the social impact of all common types of these activities.

As the standard embraces modern ways of measurement and reporting it helps organisations differentiate themselves and bring robust innovation in the quantitative and qualitative assessment of social impact and value.

Key themes from the 2023 version of the standard

One Standard, covering the needs of both public and private sector

Central Government

Local Authorities


General Corporates

3rd Sector

Facilities Management & Real Estate

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